is rhombus mesh, has excellent flexible performance, virtually indestructible, most impacting-resistant and breaking resistant force, most resisting rain, snow, hurricane.

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have lightweight, high strength, durable, best flexible, impact resistance, large breaking force, the overall structure is strong and durable, service life in more than 30 years.

have good transparency, luxurious appearance, novel style, can be integrated with the surrounding environment, have very good decorative and protective effect.

can be safely contain any species on land, in the air indoors or out. And the weave opening, we can infinitely customizable to meet your exhibits exact specifications. No matter how large, how small, or how cunning you specimens are, we assure their complete security.

Stainless steel rope mesh ()production technology is .

Stainless steel rope mesh ()is never rust and free from contamination

have 25 meters width with 8 meters height, !

We ensure same factory price for all orders, and no any additonal cost with customized panle size, even small, even large!

accept customize mesh fence panels with same low price and high quality.

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